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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD.-Find out about the roots of the Kawasaki name and all the industries the company is involved in.

Kawasaki Robotics (U.S.A.) INC.

The leading supplier of industrial robots and total automated systems.

Kawasaki Gas Turbines - Americas

Kawasaki has been ranked as a world class leader in idustrial (non-aeroderivative) gas turbine 'Dry Low Emission' (DLE) technology and uses this experience in developing and expaning.

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Mission & Values

Enabling riders to more completely control high-performance machines,and enjoy the pleasure of riding is our goal.

Motorcycle & Engine Company is the sole division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. that provides products directly to general consumers.

The company manufactures a broad range of products, including motorcycles, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), recreation utility vehicles, utility vehicles, JET SKI® watercraft and general-purpose gasoline engines; and supplies them to markets around the world.



In 1963, Kawasaki and Meguro merged to form Kawasaki Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Kawasaki has introduced a number of historically renowned motorcycles, including the "H1," "Z1" and "GPz900R" utilizing its development/production know-how for aircraft engines, since it first began manufacturing motorcycle engines in 1953.

The motorcycle department has expanded its range of products while accurately meeting market needs, and has contributed to the enhancement of the overall Kawasaki brand reputation.