Four 2024 Kawasaki KLX entry level models announced

Learning to ride on a powered two-wheeler is a really big deal and easiest way by far is to start off-road. To then progress to racing is the dream of many young riders and something that the 110 and 140 class KLX machines from Kawasaki has consistently been able to play a core part in delivering.

Created around a super strong and durable OHC four stroke Kawasaki engineered and built 11ps rated 144 cm3 air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine, the KLX140 series are geared machines with a rugged five speed gearbox and manual clutch allowing future Romain Febvre’s and Courtney Duncan’s to hone their competition skills knowing that their bike will consistently make it to the start line across the whole championship.

With electric start and disc brakes as standard, just like kids shoes the KLX140 is available in a range of sizes with the R as small wheel (17-inch Fr / 14-inch Rr), the L being mid-sized wheels (19-inch Fr/ 16-inch Rr) and the F full sized at (21-inch Fr / 18-inch Rr). Add adjustable rear suspension and perimeter style steel frame and the KLX140 is ready to partner junior riders right across their most formative years of racing. Colours for 2024 remain as classic Kawasaki Lime Green. 

At the entry level, the KLX110 retains a special place in the hearts of many parents being the bike that they used as a base to teach their kids the fundamental skills of throttle control, gear changing (albeit using a simple to operate auto clutch and four speed box) and cornering plus overall chassis dynamics.

With an adult adjustable throttle stop to allow gradual rises in speed according to acquired skill, the KLX110 package encompasses electric and kick starting plus an accommodating 680mm seat height. And just like the KLX140, the entry KLX model also remains available in classic Kawasaki Lime Green for 2024.

When it comes to starting a life-long riding passion, Kawasaki is ready to provide the tools to ignite a fire that will burn for many years to come.